Introducing Heritage

Introducing Heritage

2018, Sep 18    

Heritage began in late March 2018 as the first open source, public blockchain project at A3 (“A-cubed”), the advanced projects outpost of Airbus in Silicon Valley. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Airbus Foundation, the charitable heart of Airbus. They support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation to address the challenges of today’s society.

Heritage will provide Airbus Foundation with a decentralized application to accept and manage donations for itself and its charitable partners from cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. And in the spirit of the Airbus Foundation’s commitment to bringing together people and products to inspire the next generation, we will open source the blockchain portion of our work.

Technology adoption is a marathon. While the market identifies use cases for blockchain, A3 has identified a way to develop experience with this nascent technology while addressing needs in an existing underserved market today - charity. Heritage readies our organization to enter into the decentralized marketplace and is a starting point for blockchain asset management. Our long-term goal is to integrate blockchain technology into business applications that can benefit from it throughout Airbus.

We will implement and contribute to community standards and work together with existing projects. Heritage donations recorded on the blockchain are stored as unique, ERC-721 tracked, assets.

Project Status

We also currently looking for experienced NodeJS/ES6 and Solidity/dApp developers to add to our team. If you’re an experienced developer with an understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine we would love to talk to you. You can find our open positions at or send your resume to