The Case for Decentralization

The Case for Decentralization

2018, Sep 18    

If we accept that the world is transitioning from an Industrial to a Digital society, we must prepare for a future that includes decentralized, public blockchains. Though Satoshi Nakamoto invented the first successful decentralized blockchain with Bitcoin the next logical iteration in blockchain development are smart contracts. Ethereum is the leading decentralized platform for smart contract development.

Among smart contract platforms, Ethereum has

Most importantly, Ethereum is pursuing scaling strategies without sacrificing decentralization or the underlying consensus that gives its blockchain value.

Blockchain is a young market. While innovation and discovery take their course, we are working with technologies and projects who demonstrate leadership, deliver a working product, and share an alignment on the necessity for decentralization.

A community-developed standard, ERC-721 offers a non-currency token for representing unique, physical and digital goods on the blockchain.

DAI is a stable coin denominated in USD. DAI gives Heritage the ability to issue donations in USD and insulates charities from the price volatility of cryptocurrency.

0x Protocol
0x is a protocol for decentralized trade. 0x enables the creation of a marketplace for donations where donors can shop for the social impact they would like to affect.

Plasma/Plasma Cash
A second-layer scaling solution that provides thousands of transactions per second while the underlying assets are protected on a decentralized base layer.