The Cause for Charity

The Cause for Charity

2018, Sep 18    

Code is only half the answer to a software-enabled solution. Building a community is key to a successful open source project.

Blockchain offers the following advantages to the charity market:

  1. The open, public nature of the network data increases the organization’s accountability to the donors and reduces the the custodian-of-funds problem, where middle-men run off with money intended for charity.
  2. Cryptocurrency users are a new type of donor and onboarding new technology can be a great risk to non-profits.
  3. Improves workflow and efficiency, as it ensures an accurate and reliable channel for secure donations.

A non-profit’s primary goal is serving a cause, not developing software. For this reason, charities and non-profits turn to the private sector for innovation. Their markets necessitate giving middlemen access to funds intended for charity. This creates an accounting and transparency problem solved by blockchain. Using Heritage a charity can fundraise directly, or through a third party, and they are guaranteed no one can get between the donation and charity.

Each Heritage donation records a cause, donor Ethereum address, donation amount, and optional organizational tax information required to file taxable deductions as the data tracked for an ERC-721 non-fungible asset. Each donor builds a collection of their giving and social impact the way an investor builds a portfolio of assets.

This past June, A3 held an internal fundraiser prototyping Heritage to the benefit of local charities. Here are the charities we’ve worked with so far to make this happen:

Heritage is also supporting UNICEF’s blockchain hackathons taking place in UNICEF programme countries over the next year to engage and assist developers in emerging marketplaces.

"Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) leverages partnerships with the airline industry to help vulnerable children. Comprised of airline employees and others who “travel to make a difference”. AAI provides medical escorts, humanitarian aid to communities around the world and is a leading advocate for awareness of human trafficking prevention in the aviation industry."

“HartSong Ranch is a magical, hidden place for previously neglected, abused, unadoptable horses and farm animals. Our mission is to provide a landscape of quiet and tranquility for the animals that live within our gates – a place where they can enjoy nature, peace of mind and suffer no more.”

“Known simply as “The MADE,” we host playable exhibitions of historically significant works, free programming classes for kids, lectures, tournaments, game development parties and community events. The MADE is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of video game history, and to educating the public on how video games are created.”